Stevia 250 tablets

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Stevia 250 tablets
Stevia 250 tablets 

Stevia is a plant from South America, traditionally used by Guarani Indian People to sweeten their yerba mate herbal tea. From this plant we extract natural components which provide its high sweetening power: Steviol Glycoside and Rebaudioside A.

Stevia extracts has a sweetening power 300 times higher than regular sugar. It's a 0-calorie sweetener with a Glycemic index of 0. Therefore this product is adapted to diabetic people as well as people who are looking for a natural alternative to sugar or chemical sweeteners already available on the market. Stevia has been used in Japan, where chemical sweeteners are not allowed, for the past 40 years.

Can be used with hot or cold beverages, yoghurts, fruit salads, raw and cooked food, and more.

1 tablet is the equivalent of a teaspoon of sugar.

Stevia Tablets
  • Exclusive recipe without bitter taste.
  • 47% extract of REB A.
  • The other components are also 100% natural: food fiber, vegetal lubricant and organic aromas vanilla/toffee (which break the bitterness of Stevia).
  • Low in calories: 0.05 per tablet.
  • Easy-to-use tablet form.
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